Europe's Silent Majority Speaks

‘… On behalf of The Economist‘s home country, we invite you to come and work here. (…) Although our leaders seem to have forgotten, Britain pushed for your country to join the EU, knowing that you would one day turn up on our doorstep.
The going will be rough at first. But the history of many waves of immigration tells us that, before too long, you will be folded comfortably into British society.
(…) It is not your fault that most of our countrymen don’t want you. Partly, the problem is the Poles. (…) Politicians claim they are a burden on public services already stretched thin by austerity. Nonsense: (…) they don’t use them much. (…) They don’t depress wages much, and mostly among other immigrant workers. They make our economy bigger, lowering our debt-to-GDP ratio. If you are even remotely like them, you will be an economic boon.’
— ‘You’re welcome: An open letter to the citizens of Bulgaria and Romania’, The Economist, 21 December 2013, Leader, p. 14.

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  1. You have posted this under the heading “Europe’s silent majority speaks”.
    1. Within the UK the Economist free market line of “immigration good” has been constantly advocated. Hardly a silence! It is the perspective of the affluent liberal elite whose professional skills protect them from labour market competition and who live far removed from the problems of mass migration.
    2.Opinion polls in the UK appear to show a clear majority for immigration control.

    The heading “Europe’s vocal but influential minority speaks!” would be a more accurate heading for this piece.

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