Europe's Silent Majority Speaks

“Historian Timothy Snyder is right to emphasise the EU’s idealistic roots: no to nazism, no to stalinism, no to war in Europe. These roots are now largely ignored (…) because the political debate has become so rancorous, so full of grudges against the EU’s ideals and thus against the EU itself. Politicians are betraying us by not daring to say this out loud.”
— Arnon Grunberg, Dutch author (‘Voetnoot: Rancuneleer’, de Volkskrant, 4 March 2014, front page box)

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  1. The EU may be no to Stalinism, Nazism, war etc. But it is also no to real democracy or allowing any other option than the curse of “ever closer union” regardless of the wishes of the people.

    Politicians are terrified of the debate because they can only talk and simply can not afford to listen. Ultimately the result will be an political class so divorced from the electorate that we have forfeit any right to call ourselves a democracy. Anyone care to bet that the EP elections will see a turn out higher than 40% ?

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